Divisione: Nome: Telefono: eMail:
SWITCHBOARD 00390354252811
SALES MANAGEMENT Mr. Paolo Zambetti 00390354252831
SALES MANAGEMENT Mr. Walter Facheris 00390354252832
SALES MANAGEMENT Mrs. Arianna Pezzotta 00390354252833
ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Amalia Carrara 00390354252822
ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Claudia Natali 00390354252823
EXPORT DEPARTMENT Mr. Ferruccio Zaninoni 00390354252802
EXPORT DEPARTMENT Mr. Patrick Castelli 00390354252816
EXPORT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Veronica Trapletti 0039035425240
IMPORT DEPARTMENT Mr. Emanuele Bresciani 00390354252803
IMPORT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Valeria Nava 00390354252840
IMPORT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Daniela Di Claudio 00390354252811
NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Mr. Michele Di Claudio 00390354252826
GARAGE Mr. Alberto Oldrati 00390354252842

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